Our Service Explained

What is an apartment & home rental locating service….

Apartment locating is a free service where a professional real estate agent learns about your wants & needs then performs a personalized search on your behalf. This means that you are pre-qualified to meet the rental criteria based on your credit, employment, rental history & income before applying. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SITUATION IS, WE CAN HELP!!!

Why should you use our service….

Finding the right rental property can create a tremendous amount of stress & expense. We are in constant contact with thousands of apartment communities, therefore, we know what’s available, who’s offering the best move in specials, and where you will be approved. We will save you the hassle and the time of looking for an apartment on your own, and best of all, the whole process takes on average about 30-45 minutes of your time.

How do you get started….

Either pick up the phone & call us now, stop into one of our 5 convenient locations or simply click on the “begin your search” link below. One of our experienced agents will analyze your housing needs and match you up with the best options available for your specific needs & qualifications. A short time spent with your Valley King Agent will provide you with properties specifically tailored to fit your needs!!!

How fast can you find me an apartment?

Our streamline process usually takes 30-45 minutes to find the perfect location. If necessary, our customers are often able to move in within 24 hours.  It is also not uncommon to lease to someone who has not yet arrived  in town.  We can fax, mail, or e-mail all necessary information.  The benefit of using Valley King Properties is that you have a professional doing all of the legwork for you.  Our relocation specialists live and work in your area and have previewed literally thousands of apartment homes.

Will I be able to find an apartment that will take my large dog?

While most apartment communities have strict breed and weight restrictions, it is not impossible.  Some communities will accept larger dogs and we know which ones welcome them.  In fact, some of them have property amenities made for man’s best friend.  There are conditions when you have a large animal, so be prepared pay additional deposits and in some cases pet rent.

If I have poor credit, will you be able to find me a nice apartment?

At Valley King Properties we pride ourselves in making sure we find you the best options for your circumstance. We will evaluate your situation, and once we have a complete understanding of your situation; we will present it to the communities that will accommodate your needs and overcome any challenges that you might have.

Would I get a better deal if I don’t use your service?

When you use Valley King Properties to locate your new home, you will be offered at least the same deals as if you were to have found it on your own. The landlord absorbs the cost of our service, because just like you they don’t want to waste their time either. If you want to break down what it will cost you to find a place use the formula below and calculate it for yourself.

Time off work: x hrs missed = ? (you can always use up your hard earned vacation pay)

Gas : $3.00 per Gallon x # gallons used = ?

Application Fees: – $40.00 per adult (You forfeit if you are turned down)

Is your service really FREE?

Our Service to help you find your new home is absolutely free.  However, If you have any credit or criminal background challenges that would hinder your ability to qualify at specific properties; we will conduct a credit and background check to determine which properties you will qualify at.  To perform the credit/background check we will charge a small fee of $15.00 per applicant.

Can you still help me if I have an eviction?

Absolutely,  VKP works with 1000’s of communities valley wide, all which have qualifying criteria that differs greatly from community to community.  When you visit a community on your own with challenging circumstances, you are going in blind.  Valley King properties has the knowledge and connections.  We know which communities can overlook certain circumstances.  We have owners that understand that people fall into hard times that may result in an unfulfilled lease.  We have communities that will give you the opportunity to rebuild your rental history.