Sell My Home

Looking To Sell Your Home?

There can be any number of reasons to sell your home. Obviously the speed at which you need to sell is going to change the strategy. Still there are some common denominators to getting a house sold quickly, regardless of strategies. A house is very important purchase, as you may well know, and still somehow mostly based on emotional response . With that in mind, prepare your house. Imagine a blank canvas, get as close to that as possible. Paint walls, clean or replace carpets, take care of little repairs, that sort of thing. Cleanliness is a major factor, its hard to image a happy home when its grimy….If you have the funds, look for a professional to take care of more serious problems as it can speed your sale incrementally, and gives your buyer fewer reasons to bid below value.


This is where you need a seasoned Realty team on your side. Value & Market are both incredibly liquid variables. You’re proud of your home, and is deserves a fair price, but you want to stay competitive too. Call us today to get a free market comparison on your property, its good to know where you stand.

Are you considering a Short Sale?

Make sure its the right decision for you. Often, even with good advise, short sales fall through. Although we can help you with your short sale, we’d rather help you list your home for rent, and help you purchase or rent a new home that you can afford. If a short sale seems like the only option, the gather you financial profile together, good or otherwise, then call VKP, a team that can deliver the negotiating power to provide you with as much success as possible.

Marketing Power… 

For nearly two decades, Valley King Properties has successfully built a public presence that is virtually unrivaled. Through print, radio & television advertising and most importantly word of mouth  we have become a recognizable force in the industry, the sheer volume we enjoy daily greatly enhances your chance of a successful sale. You may know us as  apartment locators, but we make thousands of happy renters into repeat customers and happy buyers!